Guitarist Ronny Smith

 “Guitarist Ronny Smith’s mellow tone, subtle creativity, and ability to groove over catchy rhythms have made him an increasingly popular force in contemporary jazz”. Scott Yanow, Author (The Jazz Singers, Bebop, Trumpeter Kings, Jazz On Film and Jazz On Record).

He has recorded with some of the top session musicians of the Nashville and California scene, to include, Gary Lunn (Peter Cetera), Pat Coil (Michael McDonald), Craig Nelson (Ben Tankard), and Dan Needham (Euge Groove), Scott Martin and Stan Martin (Quincy Jones) and Andy Martin (Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat band).  A premier Jazz guitarist. His energetic and modern approach to standards and original compositions mesmerizes audiences and makes it impossible not to feel happy after listening.  He is a master at creating atmospheres which makes people eager to bury themselves in, and happy to stay submerged in for long lengths of time. He has shared the stage with such artists as the Marvelettes, Bobby Durham, and Donald Bryd.  

  All added to Ronny’s reputation while as a solo artist he has been steadily building a significant body of work.   This commenced in 2001 with ‘Long Time Comin’ and continued with ‘Laid Back’, ‘Got Groove’, ‘Simply Stated’, ‘Just Groovin’ and his highly acclaimed 2013 project ‘Can’t Stop Now’.  Can’t Stop Now” is his sixth release and features the fantastic singles, "Slim Pickin" and, “City Groove”.  City Groove, quickly became #1 on Billboards’ BDS New & Active SMOOTH JAZZ chart listing. Shortly thereafter, rose to become #25 on Billboards’ BDS radio SMOOTH JAZZ NATIONAL AIRPLAY top 30 charts.  ‘Shake It Up’ followed four years later and in January 2020 he expands his discography yet further with ‘Raise The Roof’.  

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