Can't Stop Now!

Introducing Ronny Smith, a smooth guitar veteran of the Baltimore jazz scene. Ronny considers his early influences to have been George Benson, Wes Montgomery and Joe Pass, and one can hear touches of each of those greats in this CD along with Ronny’s own strong musical personality.

His early years in the US Army Band system allowed him the rare experience to tour extensively in the United States and Europe enjoying the opportunity to share the stage with renowned vocalist and actress, Melba Moore. Serving his country has been the most rewarding and honorable experience that has been associated with. As a musician, his duties included providing troop morale, community service and ceremonial support. "Serving my country has been the most rewarding and honorable experience that I have been associated with,” Ronny says, currently serving his 31st year as a soldier musician. “There is no better way to support those who support you”.

The new album “Can’t Stop Now” is Ronny’s sixth release and features the fantastic single “Slim Pickin”. Produced by Eric Copeland for Creative Soul Jazz in association with Next Level Jazz, the album was recorded in Nashville, TN. Playing alongside Ronny were some of the top session musicians of the Nashville scene, including John Hammond, Gary Lunn, Pat Coil, Brian Fullen, Craig Nelson, and Dan Needham.

“Guitarist Ronny Smith’s mellow tone, subtle creativity, and ability to groove over catchy rhythms have made him an increasingly popular force in contemporary jazz.” - Scott Yanow, Author (The Jazz Singers, Bebop, Trumpet Kings, Jazz On Film and Jazz On Record)